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Thomas asks… I have irregular periods. Can you still get pregnant.? I have got my period since september 2010 and now’s it’s march 2011. 6 months.I have never got pregnant before. I have beening have irregular periods since I was 15 and I’m 19 now. Also I have so much hair growth. Facial Hair like

Thomas asks…

I have irregular periods. Can you still get pregnant.?

I have got my period since september 2010 and now’s it’s march 2011. 6 months.I have never got pregnant before. I have beening have irregular periods since I was 15 and I’m 19 now. Also I have so much hair growth. Facial Hair like a men. I have hair on my face, lower back, stomach. On my face I get treading done. I went to gynecologist about a yr ago. She did take my blood samples. Checked everything was good. But I my hormone are imbalance. She was going to put me on birth control pills. But my mom said no. Because then in the future I will have trouble getting pregnant. I am indian and don’t believe in sexual relationship to get pregnant only just by medicine pills to get pregnant. I planned to get married late 20′s. So I am scared. Should I ignore this. Because I don’t want to have birth control pills. I have tried also laser hair removal for my face. But it did not help.


What you likely have is PCOS, or poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. It happens because of a hormone imbalance, like you said, where your levels of androgenic hormones, or the male hormones that women have in small numbers, are too high. This results in irregular periods, insulin resistance, diffuculty conceiving, trouble losing weight, male-pattern hair growth (like on your face), male-pattern baldness, and other symptoms that may not be painful, but make you feel bad about yourself.

What your doctor is suggesting is birth control pills, which are also hormones, which is the most common method of treating PCOS. The female hormones in the birth control pills will regulate your periods (you will have one at the same time every month) and help to lessen the growth of the undesirable hair on your face and body (the growth will slow down and you won’t have to do as much removal.)

Without treatment, you can keep removing your facial hair but it is not going to stop growing. And your periods will continue to be irregular, because girls with PCOS do not ovulate every month, which is why you may have trouble getting pregnant in the future. BIRTH CONTROL PILLS WILL NOT MAKE GETTING PREGNANT MORE DIFFICULT IN THE FUTURE. Having PCOS will make getting pregnant more difficult in the future.

If you take birth control, you can go off it whenever you want to start trying to have a baby, and having taken the birth control will not make it difficult to get pregnant. Women with PCOS are frequently able to have children, but not without a little medical help. Frequently losing 10% of your body weight is enough to get your body to begin ovulating again, but you should be under a doctor’s care.

Do not ignore this. It is a medical condition and it needs treatment. Birth control pills are the best option to treat your hormone imbalance right now, and will not stop you from getting pregnant later on if that’s what you want.

Sharon asks…

What do you do when you have unwanted hair on your upper lip and arms?

So, I have hairy arms, and they bother me so bad! I’m so embarrassed by them, i just want them to go away. I feel like a man! But then again, i don’t want there to be no hair on them because then you can tell that i do something to them. What should i do?!

I also have a mustache, and I use some removal product that works for only like a week or so. Any suggestions that would work longer and better?

P.S. I have sensitive skin.



Mary asks…

How should I remove the hair from my legs?

Ok. So. This is something I’ve struggled with ever since I started hair removal. I have tried every razor imaginable. Women’s, men‘s, cheap, expensive, everything from 2 to 5 blades, etc. With a bunch of different shaving creams, gels, blah blah blah. It all sucks. I shave once, the hair starts to grow back immediately, and I’m covered in awful itchy red bumps. I use light pressure with the razors, hot water to open up the pores, exfoliation beforehand, so on, so forth. So, I’m at a loss.
Depilatory creams. Yeah. They don’t work, either. Veet, Nair, sensitive skin formulas, nothing. I guess it’s because I have coarse hair.
Waxing. Mucho expensive and super uncomfortable. Plus, the hair grows back in less that 2 weeks. Not worth it.
I’m a broke college girl with absolutely no money for electrolysis/laser hair removal. So that’s out of the question.

So you know what I do? I don’t get rid of the hair. It’s so embarrassing, and it makes me feel like less of a woman. I’m sick of wearing jeans in the summer. It gets so hot here. The hair is so dark and thick. Being Italian blows in this case.

Has anyone one else had this horrible, terrible problem? What can I do?


I feel your pain. I’m exactly like you. Russian ancestry for me though. I’m trying to look for the elusive holy grail of depilatories too. Try a home waxing kit though. I’m thinking of giving it a go. You can get ones that you just pop in the microwave. Not very expensive either. I’ve never used one either. I swear, when I shave, the hair comes back to the surface in a matter of minutes. Waxing is the best solution, I’ve found. My legs are all torn up from shaving too and plucking the hairs has left little marks red/brown marks.

Ruth asks…

How do you get rid of embarrassing facial hair?

So I have one of the worst issues a woman could have. I noticed 8 years ago I had one hair that grew out of a mole on my chin, no big deal right. Well I gained a ton of weight and begain to grow black hair all over my under chin like a man almost :( My doctor then told me I needed to lose weight and tested me for Cystic Ovarian syndrome which came back negative. Well that was five years ago, Ive lost all of that weight and maintained a healthy weight for three years and Im still growing black hair and its getting to the point where I think everyone is looking at my neck/chin. Ive tried waxing, too expensive and I cant do it myself, Ive tried bleaching but the hair seems to coarse to bleach, Ive tried hair removal creams which burn and make me break out, Ive tried shaving, well that just makes me feel even less feminine that Im shaving in the shower fast as I can before my husband see me and finnaly the one I do most, I pluck them, this is so time consuming, I can never get them all and now its leaving what looks like scars from where I pull the hair. Please help!!!! I think Im fairly pretty and this makes me so insecure even though no one has ever pointed it out to me.


Ooh think i have something you’d like! My sister just purchased something called the “smoothaway” yesterday. All you have to do is rub it across your chin or wherever you want hair to disappear and it’s 100% pain free, costs only 10 bucks at walgreens for a big one (for legs/arms), a smaller one (for face/chin/underarms), and 10 refills (5 of each). My sister thinks it works really well, so i’m planning on getting a pack for myself as well!! Hope that helps and don’t worry i had a similar problem with facial hair as well. So good luck and hope for the best! :)

William asks…

As a woman with PCOS and facial hair, where can I turn?

I’m a 17 year old girl and I have unbalances hormones, resulting in facial hair on my chin, neck, sides of face, and upper lip. I even have some in between my breasts and leading up to my belly button. This has been a really tough problem to deal with for many years, and my mom and I are finally turning to laser hair removal after years of plucking and waxing. But today, my mom told me she wants me to shave my neck. She is basically giving me no choice, and said that if I don’t shave she won’t let me have laser hair removal. I’m TERRIFIED because I know shaving is what men do and can leave you looking awful with a shadowy stubble appearance. I do not want to look manly in front of people at school and one boy that I have a crush on. Do you have any advice?


Damn..Wonder how hairy it is down there LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

If i was in your position i’d shave lmao. I mean if you don’t you won’t get the laser treatment right?

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